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The elastic polishing head developed by our company is made of rubber and plastic as a bonding agent and bonded with high-performance composite abrasive. It has high elasticity, high heat resistance, high grinding efficiency and long service life. Its performance has reached or exceeded similar foreign products. Has completely replaced imported similar products
Scope of application: descaling, deburring, grinding rounded corners, grinding risers or flashing, napping, precision machining, super finishing.
Processing materials: steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, plastics
Mold processing: super finishing of various molds
Casting: grinding of aluminum alloy die-casting parts (aluminum wheel hub), powder castings (light alloy gas turbine blades), etc.
Automobile manufacturing industry: grinding round of crankshaft of oil hole; processing of cylinder block, etc.
Optical processing industry: super finishing of frames
Electromechanical engineering: deburring and super finishing of small parts
Gem processing industry: super finishing of precious metal parts
Super finishing of dental equipment