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steel industry

steel industry

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The company's existing products are:
Rubber elastic grinding head and various special-shaped coated abrasive products series: This series of products are widely used in the automotive industry, mold industry, machining industry, wood industry and so on. It is suitable for the grinding of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloys and zinc alloys, as well as the grinding of ferrous metals and hard and wear-resistant materials. Particularly suitable for fine grinding and polishing of complex profiles;
Diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) abrasives series: a full range of national standard products of resin, ceramics and metal bond. You can also produce a variety of non-national products according to your needs.
We must not only provide you with high quality and reasonable price products, but also provide you with professional services and timely delivery, so to meet your "quality, price, service, delivery" and other requirements are our company services. Purpose
Our company not only has strict quality control, good after-sales service, but also has a high level of technical consulting services, to introduce you to the product performance and use knowledge, to help you get the best cost-effective grinding tools.


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